Ishqbaaz January 28, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Is Varun Trying To Take Advantage Of Shivaansh?
Nakuul Mehta(Photo Credits: Show Stills)

Today’s episode of Ishqbaaz starts with Varun asking SSO about the mark in his forehead, SSO tells maybe someone who is dumb or mad has hurt him. Seeing Mannat getting hiccups, PN tells her maybe someone is remembering her. Varun eyes are on Mannat’s bag. Radhika introduces Varun to Mannat. SSO asks everyone to come and eat food together. Mannat is having her lunch, just then sees SSO and stops eating and admires him (tere naam hamney kiya jeevan track is played in the background). Mannat thinks how rude is he but he is so handsome and by mistake drops the noodles which fall on SSO who is standing down.

SSO shouts at her. PN and all come and see SSO like this and have a hearty laugh. Shivani clicks SSO photo and laughs. Mannat tells she does not know how it happened. SSO tells her she does not know anything, she even doesn’t know how the watch came inside her bag, how she came inside the trolley. PN tells that it is ok and tells SSO to change and come for lunch. SSO gets angry and goes from there. Mannat takes a towel from her bag and goes behind SSO to give him. Varun asks Mannat in her small bag how come this big towel came. Varun sees that no one around and searches Mannat’s bag, just then Radhika comes and asks what is he doing. Varun tells that Mannats bag had fallen down with all her things here and there so he was just putting it back. Mannat comes, Radhika tells her that Varun was just keeping the things back. Mannat tells thank you to Varun.

While Mannat is about to go home, SSO stops her and tell her to wait, and tells her to give her phone as he wants to see if she has clicked any photos of him. Mannat gives her phone and SSO checks it. Varun watches them from behind a pillar. SSO tells that she can go now and give her phone back. Mannat comes home and enquires Munni how is she now. Varun calls Mannat’s chachi and tells her to get the chips which are with Mannat. While taking out the drawing book from Mannat’s bag Munni drops Mannat’s mobile phone down, she hurriedly picks it up and assembles it up and put the chip inside the mobile and starts it and is not able to understand anything and saves the data in the mobile. Just then chachi comes and takes the chips from it and calls Varun and tells that she will send it to him. Varun gets the chip and watches the tape in which he has killed honey and burns the chip so that no one will come to know about the truth about honey’s death.

SSO is telling Avi to decorate the house with flowers. Suddenly Avi and Khanna show the news in which he is covered with noodles. SSO tells that he knows that Mannat has purposely put noodles on him and clicked pictures and send to the media. SSO tells PN that this is the reason he did not want any unknown people to work in the house. PN defends Mannat and says he is wrong in saying this and that she is a good girl. SSO asks PN where is Mannat now, PN tells that till now she has not come, SSO tells how she will come she might have gone to her native till now. Shivani wants to tell SSO something but he is not ready to listen and tells her he will talk to her later. There Khanna sees Mannat taking her bag and going in an auto and calls SSO.

SSO tells PN that Mannat has run away with her bags and suddenly sees Mannat there and is surprised. SSO comes and shows her the photo and ask her why did she send the photo to the press. Mannat tells that she has not sent it. Mannat reveals that she has hit him with a stone but not send that photo to any press. Mannat tries to explain that she did not do it purposely it was an accident. SSO tells if she has not leaked his photo then who did it. Shivani tells that she did it by mistake and tells sorry for it. SSO tells it is ok and not to worry. SSO asks Mannat why she has come here with the bag, PN tells that she has told her to bring her bag as in Shivani’s function there is so much work to be done, so if she stays here it will be a help for us. PN tells Mannat to come in to help her and takes her in. Varun is telling someone in a phone that he has destroyed the chip and the reason why he married Radhika is very near, he just has to get the keys and SSO’s new will in his hand then we will move to our master plan.