Spanish series La Casa De Papel aka Money Heist is once again trending on Twitter. Don't look out for the update of fifth season as it is not here yet. In fact, it is trending on Twitter for a rather confusing reason. Some fans found out that they cannot play the series on Netflix anymore! This led to the panic situation amongst the fans leading them to speculate that the series has been taken down by the streaming platform. Netflix's Money Heist: From Alvaro Morte aka The Professor to Alba Flores aka Nairobi - Check Out the Hottest Pictures of the Lead Cast.

Netizens tried to clarify exactly what has happened with the series and why can't they see it on their apps. On the other hand, many of them can still very much play the entire series on their apps and confirm that Netflix has not pulled it down at all. As the fans are waiting for the unannounced fifth season eagerly, this is like a bad news! Also, after the hype of the fourth season, many of them caught up with the series newly and now its disappearance has baffled them. Here are some of the tweets.

Fans Who Have Watched It Be Like

Arturito To Be Blamed

Chill! No Announcements Yet!

This Man Has a Separate Hate-Base

Why You Do This

Money Heist has four seasons on Netflix. The previous season received tons of appreciation posts from the fans. It also received the fandom that they did not have for the first three seasons as such. The fourth season's last episode was left on a cliffhanger, naturally making fans desperate for the fifth one. However, no official announcement about is made yet.

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