Moon Knight has finally ended and it capped of the season with quite a bang. The episode titled Gods and Monsters saw Steven and Marc escape from afterlife to fight Arthur Harrow who was about to release Ammit. What follows is a battle between the two as Ammit and Khonshu duke it out as well in the background. Moon Knight Episode 6 Review: Oscar Isaac’s Marvel Series Has an Entertaining Finale, But Still Feels Rushed! (LatestLY Exclusive).

The finale itself did a great job at setting up a second season, although it did get marred by some rushed storytelling. Overall, there is quite a lot to unpack here as we not only saw Marc and Steven defeat Arthur, but we also got a tease at one of the other personalities that the show has been hinting towards. Yes, that’s right, Jake Lockley is finally here. So with that being said, here is the season finale of Moon Knight explained. Moon Knight Finale Teaser: Mark Is All Set To Bring the Drama to an End With a Promising Twist in the Last Episode (Watch Trailer).

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The Ending

After Marc blacks out while fighting Harrow, he quickly gains consciousness to see that Arthur has been defeated and everyone around him is dead. Asking Steven if he did it, he replies saying no while Layla shocked in the backgrounds asks what happened. Marc and Layla then take Arthur’s body and meet up with Khonshu.

A Still From Moon Knight Finale (Photo Credit: Twitter)

They are able to seal Ammit into Arthur’s body trapping her once again. Khonshu commands Marc to finish off Arthur, but Marc asks him to him to set them free, and if he wants to kill Arthur, he can do it himself. Transported back to the mental hospital, Marc and Steven have a better control of everything now and are able to reject the Asylum. They then wake up in their bed choosing to continue their new lives together.

The Mid-Credit Scene

We see a crippled Arthur Harrow in a hospital as he is being kidnapped by a man dressed in all-black. We see a row of dead bodies left throughout the hospital, while the man puts Harrow in a limousine. In the car, Harrow is greeted by Khonshu who reveals that Marc and Steven think they are free, but they don’t realise how damaged they actually are. He then introduces Jake Lockley who speaks in Spanish and kills Arthur Harrow while driving away.

Who is Jake Lockley?

Now Jake Lockley has been set up throughout the season. He is hinted in the third and fifth episode and even in the above-mentioned scene of the finale. Lockley is basically Marc’s third personality. Jake Lockley is supposed to be the most violent out of Steven and Marc and in general doesn’t have a regard for anything

A Still From Moon Knight Finale (Photo Credit: Twitter)

The version of Jake Lockley is definitely going to be a bit different as the showrunners themselves took a different direction with Moon Knight. In the comics, Jake Lockley is a cab driver who is made to find information at the street level in New York. In the comics Marc also fakes his own death and travels to Mexico for a while under the alias of Jake Lockley.

How Does it Set Up a Second Season?

With Khonshu still having a hold over Marc through Jake Lockley, we can expect them to have a confrontation sometime in the future. Marc and Steven both don’t know about Lockley and this can lead to quite the complications.

In the Jeff Lemire comic run of Moon Knight, we see the Asylum (that was loosely adapted for the show). Over there, that’s a mind jail created by Khonshu to trap Marc in. If there is a confrontation to be introduced in a future season, then we can expect Marc and Steven to return there and maybe face off Jake.

A Still From Moon Knight Finale (Photo Credit: Twitter)

With Arthur dead as well, there are many possibilities of a new villain. Of course, Khonshu is already set up to be one, but during episode five, we also get a name drop for Bushman. Bushman is supposed to Moon Knight’s arch nemesis in the comics, and his introduction can also be a possibility.

For those who don’t know, Raoul Bushman is a mercenary as well from Marc’s unit. Him and Marc develop quite the animosity towards each other. Now we know that he exists in this universe too, so him showing up in a different season doesn’t seem like a stretch.

Anyways, that’s all that there is for Moon Knight. Now we wait for the next Marvel series Ms Marvel, which releases on June 8, 2022. We also have Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to look forward to, which releases in theatres this Friday.

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