My Girlfriend Is An Alien is soon returning with a sequel. Thassapak Hsu and Wan Peng's chemistry is off the charts in this series. It's cute, lovely and warm. Interestingly, for a change, it's the female here who chases the guy around everywhere even though her motive is not to make him fall for her. She is an alien and needs the reactor core to go back to her planet which resides in the hero's body. It's a soft, sweet and delicate love story for all ages. What's sweeter still are the scenes between the leads. Whether they are bickering or are lovingly looking into each other's eyes, the romantic tension is palpable. What however stands out here are the kisses. My Girlfriend Is Alien Season 2 Release Date Is Announced? Pics of Thassapak Hsu and Wan Peng as Fang Leng and Chai Xiaoqi Go Viral As Filming Wraps.

No, we aren't looking at them as heart-fluttering moments. They are of course nice but it's the fact that the leads manage so many kiss patterns. In fact, we feel this could be refresher course for the experienced and a crash course for the beginners on - How To Kiss Your Partner. Let us show you a few of the lessons...

Lesson 1- Kiss of jealousy

Lesson - 2 The pill-exchange kiss

Lesson 3 - The Kiss of persuasion

Lesson 4 - The kiss of avoiding a selfie

Lesson 5 - The kiss of goodbye My Girlfriend Is Alien Season 2: Fang Leng Chai Xiaoqi Wedding Kiss Scene Leaked? Actors Thassapak Hsu and Wan Peng Dressed as Bride and Groom in Pics and Videos.

What's funny here is there's so much equality in the way the leads force themselves on each other. Why should boys have all the fun, right?

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