Naagin 3 18th August 2018 Written Update of Full Episode: Bela Finds The Naagmani But Gets Warning of a Bigger Opponent!
Photo Credit: Colors TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Naagin 3 starts with Bela (Surbhi Jyothi) composing herself and thinking about retrieving the nagmani, she decides to let Mahir(Pearl V Puri) go.

Bela gets a vision of the nagmani and rushes down the stairs. She sees a similar vase to what she saw in her vision. She understands that the nagmani is in the house itself. She thinks who could have taken it.

Ajithab blocks her way, and Bela tells him that she has important work. Bela watches the moon fade away in the eclipse and realises that she has very less time. Ajithab says that he has some questions for Bela.

Vish reaches the house to warn Bela but sees the police around and realises that Ajithab has already gotten to Bela. Vish calls the policeman and fakes the voice of the commissioner asking them to take Ajithab and go to the highway as there has been an accident.

Ajithab is busy questioning Bela who shouts at him. They are interrupted by the police and Bela runs away. Ajithab follows Bela. Bela reaches the place she saw in her vision.

Bela switches off the lights and makes it all dark so that Ajithab cannot follow her. Ajithab asks her to come out. Bela closes her eyes and sees her mother's picture and realises that nagmani has been in the haveli all the time.

Bela takes the form of the snake and gets away before Ajithab can reach her. Bela reaches the haveli and finds her mother's picture. Bela reaches that part of the haveli which she herself has never been to.

Bela searches around for the nagmani. Bela finds a door behind her mother's picture which leads to an underground cave. Ajithab returns to the station and Ramona/Vish see that he is very angry.

Ajithab tries to find out who had called his policemen to distract him from Bela. Ramon/Vish calms Ajithab down and asks the others to leave. Ajithab tells Vish what happened. Ramona/Vish flirts along with Ajithab.

Bela is roaming around in the cave and finally sees the nagmani. She walks towards it, but someone attacks her. She asks the person to come to the front and not be a coward.

A person jumps out, and she remembers seeing the ring in the person's finger. Bela says that nagmani is powerful only after one of the nags or nagins touches it and she will never give it to the person.

They start fighting as the eclipse comes to an end. Bela defeats the unknown person and gets the nagmani. Soon she realises that the person behind the mask is Aditya.

She tries to find out from him who the real thief was but he gets killed before he can tell Bela anything. Bela remembers killing Mahir and feels sad. Bela decides to stop feeling bad about Mahir and concentrate only on her revenge.

Bela returns the nagmani to the nagpandits, but they are aware that the person who stole it is still alive, so they need to keep a watch. Bela returns home. Bela sees Vikrant's picture and vows to kill everyone.

Bela returns home and finds the house in the state of mourning. Bela finds it hard to walk inside as she is tormented by Mahir's memories.