Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai February 12, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Kartik Decides to Confess to Naira About His Decision to Swap Krish, but Will the Accident Change Things?
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Precap (Photo Credits: Episode Stills)

Tonight's episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai starts with Naira (Shivangi Joshi) sitting in her room and thinks why did Kartik (Mohsin Khan) do this to her and why did he lie to her, at least he should have told her. Naira is sad as she could not even see her baby or even feel her and blames Kartik for all of it and gets sad as to why did he alone decided this all. Naira thinks that she cannot face Kartik. Meanwhile, in the market, a crowd has gathered as someone has come under the truck, just then a guy sees a phone ringing and picks the call and tells that the person who owns this phone has come under the truck. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai February 11, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Will Naira Not Just Lose Her Baby But Also Kartik?

Suhasini is on the phone and she panics hearing this and drops the phone and calls out to Manish but sees Kartik standing in front of her and feels happy and ask how is he and where is his phone. Kartik is calling out to Naira and is not bothered about what Suhasini is asking him, as he wants to know how is Naira. While Kartik is going towards Naira’s room, Manish comes and stops him and orders him not to go in front of Naira. Kartik tells he is worried for Naira as she has given the baby to Kirti and she must be feeling alone and that he should be with her at this time. Manish shouts at Kartik and asks him what he has done. Kartik says that he was alone and did what he thought was right at that time.

Suhasini pleads to Manish to let Kartik go and meet Naira. Kartik tells that she is his wife and no one can stop him from going to her. Manish says that she is his daughter and that he won’t allow him to meet Naira. Kartik holds Manish’s feet and requests him to allow him to meet Naira just for some time. Kartik tells that let him meet her and she will feel good after that. But Manish says he won’t allow it. There in the room Naira is in the shower sitting and crying and does not hear Kartik’s voice. Kartik calls out loud and tells her to come out. Manish tells Kartik to go and not trouble Naira as her health is not well.  Akhilesh also tells Kartik to go from there till Naira becomes normal and that he can go and stay at the office guest house or hotels but let Naira be alone for some time.

There Kirti and Naksh are trying to make the baby stop crying but Kirti feels that the baby is missing Naira’s arm. Kaveri and Devyani come and give their blessings. Kirti says that whenever she sees Krish, she remembers Naira’s face and that she must be missing him too. Kaveri says that she might be missing him but she did all this as she knew that Krish is Kirti’s baby and that he can be happy with her only. Devyani tells them to take the baby inside. Devyani says that Naksh and Kirti got all the happiness but our Naira needs our blessings to face these consequences. Kaveri says even Kartik also needs blessings and says that he has also suffered a lot.

There, Naira is sleeping in her bed, while Kartik tries to see her from the window and tries to open it but is unable to(oh Moore sahiya naina na roothey mane track is played in the background). Luv and Kush come there and tells Naira that they are her two babies and she should love them. Naira calls them and hugs them and feels happy. Naira gets the feeling that Kartik is nearby.

Suhasini is making Manish understand that he should not have told Kartik to go out of the house as he is also in pain and that he also lost his baby not one but two times. Manish says that is why he did not say anything to him and that if it would have been anyone else he would have killed them by now. Akhilesh says that they understand Kartik’s problem but if something of ours is stolen then we shouldn't steal other’s things. Manish tells that he betrayed his own family. Suhasini tells that they all are doing a big mistake and that they should try to understand Kartik also and tell that she will go and talk to Naira about this. Manish warns Suhasini and tells that no one will go and talk about this to Naira and let her rest and get well soon.

Kartik stands outside his house and stares at the main door. There Naira is sad and picks up her phone and tries calling Kartik. Naira asks Luv and Kush where is Kartik, they say that Manish has scolded him and thrown him out of the house. There one staff member come and hands over Kartik’s phone to him and says that Suhasini had told him to get it. Just then Naira calls and Kartik picks it up. Naira tells Kartik that she wants to talk to him in the garden. Kartik says that he is feeling very scared and hopes Naira understands him once he tells her all the truth.

In the precap, When Kartik and Naira are together a truck loses it’s control and comes directly on their way.