Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai May 16, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Naira’s Travel to Delhi Makes Suhasini Angry, While Kartik Is Upset with Her for Recommending Him to Her Rival
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (Photo Credits: Hotstar)

Today’s episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai starts with Surekha telling Kartik (Mohsin Khan) that he was also there in the photo but they have removed his photo, Naira (Shivangi Joshi) gets angry as to how they did they do this. Kartik says it is their magazine, their articles, their wish why we should fight for this and discuss it and we should end this here only.

Naira is getting ready to go to Delhi and ask Kartik which dress she should take. Kartik feels he is getting a fever and takes some medicine and thinks if he tells Naira then she will not go. Kartik kisses her and wishes her all the best for her assignment, just then Kartik gets a message from the Jadeja’s that he should change the design, so he messages his designer to change it. Manish comes and asks whether the packing is over and is Naira is ready to go. Seeing Manish little tense Kartik ask for the reason, Manish tells that the Jadeja’s are changing the designs again and again and not finalizing the budget and they want everything soon, how can they do this all, so he is little tense. Kartik also gets irritated and tells they should have not taken this order.

Meanwhile there Mihir calls and tells Naira that Sindhya’s and Jadeja’s both want their jewellery to be number one and are competing with each other which means they have to compete with the Goenka’s. Naira says she cannot compete with Kartik, but Mihir says if she will not do then someone else will do, and if they want to survive in the market they have to compete with others. Naira says till the competition is with the clients it is ok but when the competition is with her family she will choose her family only.

There Akhilesh comes and tells that the Jadeja’s have told not to change any designs and place the order as Mihir has talked to them and sorted everything. Kartik and Manish are shocked as how come Mihir came to know about this Naira says she told Mihir about this, Kartik gets angry and ask why she had to do this. Naira tries to explain him but he gets angry and tells her that no one should share their business dealing and secrets with others and if anyone comes to know about it then their market rate will become zero and tells that she is also one of the competitors.

As Naira leaves for the work trip, Kartik comes and tells her to call when she reaches and tells all the best to her. Kartik calls Naira and tells sorry for what all he said to him, Naira says she did this all to just help him and nothing else and tells when this work is finished she will come and hug him tight, Kartik tells her to come soon and he will be waiting for her.

Swarna sees Kartik very tense because of his work and gives him water and sees that he is suffering from fever, just then Suhasini comes and calls everyone and tells to call the doctor. Suhasini tells Manish to call Naira back but Kartik tells not to call her. Suhasini calls Naira and tells her about Kartik’s condition and tells her to come back.

In the precap, Suhasini blames Naira that she told her so much when she called her to inform about Kartik’s condition, Naira tries to tell that Suhasini is telling lie but Kartik tells her to keep quiet.