Chetan Bhagat Denies #MeToo Allegations by Author Ira Trivedi With A Tweet, Says It Was She Who 'Offered A Kiss'
Chetan Bhagat (Photo credits: Twitter page)

Mumbai, October 15: In a series of a tweet, writer Chetan Bhagat whose name is being dragged in the #MeToo case, has shared his side of the story. Writer Ira Trivedi in an Outlook article on Sunday wrote how she met Chetan Bhagat nearly a decade ago at the Jaipur Literature Festival during a panel discussion they were both a part of; over the years to follow, she writes of a series of passes Bhagat allegedly made. Trivedi writes that she shrugged off the behaviour as just “Chetan being Chetan”, but “harmless as it was, it still made (her) deeply uncomfortable”. Chetan Bhagat Defends Himself After #MeToo Allegations Against Him by 'Porn Writer'; Read Facebook Post.

In the recent tweets, Bhagat charged Trivedi and was quoted as saying, "A person’s reputation is their most prized asset and takes a lifetime of work to earn. To have these motivated, fake attacks on me is abhorrent and the sickest thing a person can do. Please don’t support this kind of smear campaign." He shared screenshots of emails which Ira sent to him, which ended with 'Miss You, Kiss You', he asked people to decide 'Who wanted to kiss whom?'

He further mentioned in his tweet, "To those who abused me last few days, hope you will do right by me now. Ultimately, is this movement about the truth or blindly supporting a particular gender? Please don’t let your biases make you believe things that are not true." He asked people to not misuse the hashtag and to keep his family and friends away from the harassment.

Writer Chetan Bhagat, who had earlier apologised to an anonymous woman who had accused her of sexual harassment in context to the #MeToo movement, has written a Facebook post defending himself and said that "I am not a harasser, never was, never will be".

The best selling author also said that "unfortunately in India no matter what or how noble the cause, it always ends up being corrupted." Bhagat said that people have "now finally realized what is real #MeToo and what is #FakeMeToo", and added that the said screenshots in question where actually a draft he had received from an "erotica" or "porn" writer.