Fake News Alert: Former RBI Chief Raghuram Rajan Is Not Appointed As the Governor of Bank of England
Raghuram Rajan, who is currently a Professor of Finance with the University of Chicago, was the RBI Governor between September 2013 and September 2016. (Photo Credit: PTI)

Mumbai, May 6:  If you are wishing Former Governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Raghuram Rajan for his new appointment as the governor of the Bank of England, then you might get disappointed. The buzz about his new role is not real but a fake news. To recall, a few days ago, a London based English daily the Financial Times reported Ex-RBI governor Rajan, a strong contender for the top job at the Bank of England, and soon news of his appointment started making rounds on the microblogging sites, which are not real. Rajan replied to Alt News, "Sorry, but this is fake news. I am happy with my current job and have not searched for, nor got, any other.”

Interestingly not only netizens read Rajan's appointment fake news as real, but even senior Congress party leader and Member of Parliament (MP) Shashi Tharoor went ahead and congratulated EX RBI chief for his new role on his official twitter handle.


However, as soon as he realised the news was fake he tweeted that he was taken in by 'fake news' and thanked a news portal for setting the record straight. He also shared the link in his tweet of the story to substantiate the truth behind the rumours.


While trollers backfired him for doing the mistake:

Dr. Rajan earlier too had become the subject of fake news after a post went viral in March 2018. It claimed that Dr. Rajan had warned former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram and Congress President Rahul Gandhi about the Punjab National Bank (PNB) scam but no action was taken. While in this recent instance of fake news, the post was uploaded on April 28 on Facebook by an individual user. It had been shared more than 7000 times till now. The post greeted Rajan for the new role, it reads “Congratulating Mr. Raghuram Rajan, elected as Governor for Bank of England. And, as usual, whatever we Indians have with us, the value of those things is recognised by foreigners and they take it away.”

Thereafter messages congratulating Dr. Rajan flooded on Facebook with many users sharing the ‘news’ of Dr. Rajan’s appointment. Subsequently, the news was also shared on Twitter widely.