Mumbai: 2 Fake Doctors Held for Running Illegal Abortion Clinic & Sex Determination Test
Abortion | Representational Image | (Photo credits: PTI)

Mumbai, July 12: Two fake doctors have been arrested from the city for allegedly running an illegal abortion clinic, which also offered sex determination test, according to a Mumbai Mirror report. India has banned sec determination test and abortion based on their results. Delhi High Court Asks AIIMS to Examine Woman's Plea for Abortion of 'Abnormal' Foetus.

The accused were produced in Kurla court, and the duo allegedly charged a hefty fee for the procedure. Both of them don't have any medical degree but has been posing as doctors. The incident came to the light after a lawyer, who found out about this racket, with the help of her colleague and they conducted a sting operation, which helped police to nap the culprit.

The rates charged for abortion of a girl child were Rs 1,20,000. The lawyer, with the help of a pregnant lady who agreed to help her video recorded all the transactions and provided them as evidence. Here the fake doctors were even ready to go ahead with the abortion procedure despite knowing that the dummy patient was 24-weeks pregnant. In India, the legal window for abortions is 20-weeks.

The duo has been booked under Section 420 (Fraud) and 315 (act done to prevent the birth of the child or cause to die after birth) under IPC.