It takes time to sort your life out. Many people At age 19, many people are figuring out a job or higher education and planning their lives out. However, not everyone has a casual start. Others, like Ariel Levy, are driven to push past all others and are successful in launching their very own career paths.

Teenage Levy has already started multiple companies focused on managing and marketing professional athletes. His businesses ASL Sports Group and Forever Young Management have brought the young man incredible success in just a few years. Starting his research and planning at just 15 years old, Levy has built himself a vehicle of success before many even move out of their parents' house.

Through ASL Sports Group, Levy signed his first professional athlete at age 17. Now, Levy represents $40 million in contracts. ASL Sports Group represents over 10 professional athletes, with the roster and reputation of the business growing on a regular basis.

More recent is the inception of Forever Young Management, which puts focus on growing online and social media presence for athletes as well as business management for clients of a plethora of backgrounds. Together, both of Levy’s businesses have provided services to hundreds of clients.

Levy has future plans to continue expanding his businesses and the services they offer, as well as sign new athletic talent. Levy has hopes to one day manage top tier athletes, and be one of the biggest in his industry. With the incredible amount of success he has already seen at such a young age, it would be no surprise to see Ariel Levy rise to the top and work with some of the greatest athletes of our time.

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