Lucknow, March 5: There is panic across the world, including in India due to the coronavirus outbreak. According to an ANI update, the sale of meat, semi-cooked meat and fish has been banned in open areas in the Lucknow district to ensure that COVID-19 doesn't transmit through the meat. Lucknow District Magistrate Abhishek Prakash said, "Hotels and restaurants have been asked to ensure cleanliness and hygiene."

Last week, the Poultry Farm Association in Gorakhpur organised a Chicken Mela to dispel rumours that the bird is a carrier of Coronavirus. Vineet Singh, president of the Poultry Farm Association said that people had stopped eating chicken since the past one month, due to fear of Coronavirus. The intention behind having this mela was to tell people that coronavirus is not caused by eating chicken, mutton or fish. Coronavirus Scare: Chicken Prices in Mumbai Drops by 20% As People Avoid Its Consumption.

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The myths and fear around coronavirus have affected the poultry rates in Maharastra too. Several people are avoiding the consumption of chicken and as a result of which, prices have dropped by 20 percent, even though there is no direct link between the two. Reportedly, poultry shops across Bandra, Kurla, Chembur and Andheri have reported that sales have dipped considerably.

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