Moscow, October 21: A vaccine, developed by Russia to prevent coronavirus (COVID-19) in animals, has shown no side effects during trials, according to the Veterinary and Life journal of the Russian federal veterinary and phytosanitary watchdog, Rosselkhoznadzor. The Russian vaccine, designed for animals that are vulnerable to coronavirus infection like cats, dogs and minks, and its effect remain under study. COVID-19 Vaccine Latest News Update: Russia Can Register Third Anti-Coronavirus Drug in One Month, Says Public Health Watchdog; Know All About It.

"During a period of observation, which lasted 70 days, no side effects or complications had been detected, which indicates the absence of reactogenicity of the vaccines," Ilya Chvala, the deputy director for research and monitoring at Russia's Federal Center for Animal Health, told the Veterinary and Life journal, as reported by Sputnik News on Tuesday. COVID-19 Vaccine EpiVacCorona: Key Things to Know About Russia's Second Anti-Coronavirus Drug.

During trials, animals were given a booster shot within 21 days of getting the first dose so that full immunity is formed, Chvala said. There have been multiple reports of pet animals contracting the coronavirus in different parts of the world. Pets like cats and dogs have been found infected with COVID-19 following contact with humans known or suspected to be infected with the disease.

Besides a vaccine for animals, Russia has registered two vaccines against coronavirus for humans. Named "Sputnik V", the first vaccine was registered in August. The second vaccine "EpiVacCorona" was registered earlier this month. Russia is also developing the third vaccine.

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