Uttrakhand: Drone Transports Blood Sample from Remote Area
The Drone that was used to transport a unit of blood. (Photo Credits: ANI)

Tehri (Uttrakhand), June 8: An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) could prove to be a boon for the healthcare sector in future as a drone on Friday transported a single unit of blood from a remote primary health centre in Tehri district.

The drone was used to carry a blood unit in the area which is geographically difficult to traverse."As a trial, we transported a unit of blood from Nandgaon to the district hospital's blood bank which was 30 kilometres away.

The drone took 18 minutes to transport blood without any problem," said Dr SS Pangti, a senior physician at Tehri district hospital, District Magistrate Sarika."We will conduct similar trials in the near future to check drone's reliability," he added.