Nipah Virus in Kerala: Health Minister Says Situation Under Control, No Need to Stress!
Nipah Virus (Photo Credit: IANS)

Kerala, June 14: The deadly Nipah Virus has killed 17 people in the last few days has plagued the entire country. In May, the Indian government had issued a health alert in Kerala, following the outbreak of the fatal disease, which gets transmitted from fruit bats to humans.

However, according to an ANI report, there has been no new cases of Nipah in the last 2- 3 days. KK Shailaja Teacher, Kerala Health Minister as quoted in the story, says, " We have to wait till July 30th, because the last case occurred on May 31st, and we have to take at least 42 days after that as incubation period. I think no more cases will occur."

This comes as a huge relief because, over the last few days, there have been enough hoax messages doing the rounds on social media, which has further contributed to spreading more fear about the disease. On Wednesday, the Kerala High Court applauded the health department's work in effectively containing the Nipah virus and commended the selfless work done by scores of medical staff.

However, there are other nations, which needs to be on alert and lookout for symptoms similar to Nipah virus.