7 Crazy Reasons Why Your Partner Doesn't Want to Have SEX with You!
Reasons your partner doesn't want to have sex with you (Photo Credits: The Noun Project and File Image)

Having denied sex by your partner is the worst. It may sometimes lead to a downward spiral of thoughts that could make us feel really bad about ourselves. It all starts with, "is there something wrong with me?" and then leads to performance anxiety during the real act. After you don't perform upto the mark, you end up feeling even worse about yourself... and the vicious cycle continues. But have you ever considered that maybe the reason your partner doesn't want to have sex with you is more simple than you actually thought? In fact, the reason could be something extremely unexpected and possibly. Let's consider a few crazy reasons your partner could be denying you sex.

  1. Playing Hard To Get: Sometimes men and women play hard to get to make themselves more desirable to their partners. You must be familiar with the concept of wanting something more when it tries to run away from you. So maybe your partner is playing hard to get with you.
  2. Hygiene Problems: Bad hygiene is probably the biggest turn off for most people (unless they are probably into it or something). Maybe they are finding it hard to tell you a simple "You stink!" or something similar. Try to figure out.
  3. It Turns Them On: Or they think it turns you on. Some people like to push sex further because it turns them on. Denying or being denied sex may turn people on to want it more.
  4. They Have Some Secret Desires: Maybe the kind of sex you guys are having isn't enough and they are looking for something bizarre or kinky from you.  It could be BDSM or even some kind of weird fetish that you may not approve of.
  5. Porn: This could be from both sides. Maybe you watch too much porn that they don't like or they watch so much porn that they don't want to have sex with you.
  6. Masturbation: Maybe too much masturbation is making them enjoy masturbation more than sex. It is possible. Some people also get addicted to self-stimulation, however, it is hardly known to be harmful in the past but it may jeopardies your relation.
  7. Stress: Work stress is real. Sometimes it does get in the way of having your sexual life. Sexual performance tends to deteriorate because of stress and even libido is hampered.

...or maybe it is just them and not you. Maybe they feel that they are not able to satisfy you well. They may be saying no to sex because they don't want to disappoint you. There is a reason communication is said to be the key to every relationship. Talk to them about it find a solution together.