Not Sure How to Drape a Sari? This Designer’s Sari Can Be Worn in Just Five Seconds! (Watch Video)
Sari (Photo Credits: Purushu Arie YouTube)

Most Indian women love draping a sari and leaves no occasion to flaunt in one. But wearing one is quite a daunting task and may become unwieldy after two to three attempts. With the advent of the internet, YouTube came to the rescue but it is never as simple as the way they show it. And we end up resorting to our mothers or elder women. However, now your problem may be permanently solved.

A new sari by designer Purushu Arie just takes just five seconds to drape. It not just saves time but also saves amateurs from the tiring procedure. Known as the armhole sari, you just have to slip your arm in the hole of the sari and you are good to go! With this, you can be hassle free and do not have to pin it to the blouse.

Watch the video below:

Indian Express quoted the designer as saying, "The armhole sari was first created as part of my graduate design collection at NIFT New Delhi. At my graduation show, the audience broke into spontaneous applause in the middle of the show when the armhole sari was presented on a ramp. That thrill from backstage is a moment I carried on and I developed the style further. As a designer, it's my job to offer simplified solutions for real life. Not every Indian knows how to drape a sari – but that statement won't apply any longer." Will you try this sari? Do let us know in the comments section below.