Angarki Sankashti Chaturthi, also known as Ganesh Sankathara or Sankathara Chaturthi is considered to be the most auspicious of all the Sankashti Ganesha Chaturthi days. The festival is celebrated by Hindus in every lunar Hindu calendar month on the fourth day of the Krishna Paksha. Angarki’ is a word of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘red like burned coal’. It is known as 'Angarki Chaturthi' when the festival falls on a Tuesday. The pious occasion is solely dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Devotees will celebrate Angarki Sankashti Chaturthi 2022 on the 19th of April. Continue reading to know about the tithi, time, and significance of Angarki Chaturthi. April 2022 Holiday Calendar With Major Indian Festivals and Events: Chaitra Navratri, Ramadan, Good Friday; Check List of All Important Dates and Bank Holidays for the Month.

Angarki Sankashti Chaturthi 2022 Tithi & Significance

Devotees of Lord Ganesha get up early in the morning and worship Lord Ganesha by offering him his favourite sweet, Modak and decorating his idol with flowers. They observe a strict fast from sunrise and break the fast upon the sighting of the Moon. Some people also observe a partial fast and only consume fruits, vegetables and roots of plants. Also, Lord Chandra is worshipped on the day of Angarki Chaturthi by offering him sandalwood paste, flowers and rice. Furthermore, couples observe fast for getting a healthy child. The Angarki Sankashti Chaturthi will begin on 19 April, at 04:39 PM and will end on 20 April at 01:53 PM.

Angarki Chaturthi means deliverance during troubled times, hence keeping this fast is believed to reduce a person's problems, as Lord Ganesha is believed to be the celestial deity in Vedic scriptures. People believe that seeking blessings from him will remove all the hindrance from one's life. Before moonlight, the Ganapati Atharvashesha is also recited with a religious dedication to summon the blessings of Lord Ganesha.  Bhajans and religious hymns are also sung on this day in praise of Lord Ganesha. Moreover, fasting also results in relieving Manglik Dosha, overcoming financial problems and fulfilling desires.

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