Easy Pongal 2019 Rangoli Designs: Quick and Simple Beautiful Kolam & Rangoli Patterns to Decorate Your House This Thai Pongal (Watch Videos)
Thai Pongal Kolam Design (Photo Credits: Screengrab/ YouTube)

The air in Tamil Nadu is all festive as the harvest festival of the year; Thai Pongal has finally arrived. Celebrated on January 15, the four-day festival will continue till February 18. Individuals will be seem wearing their new clothes and jewellery, adorning their homes with fresh flowers, kolams and sugarcane arrangements crooning together as the milk rice boils over the earthen pots. Apart from all the traditions, the Rangoli or Pongal Kolam is the most attractive depicting the various aspects of the festivity among Tamilians, their beliefs and rituals. 6 Mouth-Watering Delicacies of The Tamil Harvest Festival And How You Can Make Them. 

Festivals in our country are a lot more than just mere holidays. Every corner of the nation comes together to celebrate the harvest festival, but with different names and traditions. Bengalis observe Makar Sankranti, Punjabis celebrate Lohri, Gujratis call it Uttarayan, Assamese rejoice Magh Bihu and likewise, people at Tamil Nadu observes Thai Pongal. Individuals make interesting Pongal Kolam designs at the entrance of their houses, corners of offices, hosts Pongal Kolam making competitions, etc. Pongal 2019 Calendar: Know Dates And Significance of the Harvest Festival Celebrated in Tamil Nadu. 

To prepare Kolam is an art and very few masters it, but that does not stop the people from trying their hands on the designs, it keeps the fun and traditions alive. Below, we have compiled simple and beautiful Kolam pattern-making videos that you can use to decorate your house during the festival.

Watch Video of Thai Pongal Pot Rangoli Design

The video above shows beautiful Kolam which is stuck to the traditional ones but also added an artistic touch by keeping the design very simple, yet stunning. The rice boiling ritual is depicted with sugarcanes in the background, and it is made beautifully with white powder.

Watch Video of Thai Pongal Kolam Dot Design

The above video has to be your go to one. Created by joining several dots, this Kolam is easy to make and screams nothing but the rich traditions. If you have no designs in mind or craving for ideas apart from depicting the rice boiling ritual, this video will solve all your purpose.

Watch Video of Thai Pongal Colourful Pot Rangoli Design

Again, in the above video, we see the traditional Kolam showing the rice boiling ritual. The sugarcanes and turmeric plants are also painted but in different colours. The design glides simple beauty, and the colour contrast glues your eyes to it.

Watch Video of Thai Pongal Kolam Design

Well, you just cannot take away the beautiful depiction of rice boiling with sugarcanes, but definitely, you can give your unique touch to it. The wow factor in the above video is, that the designs are not too clumsy or spaced out. In fact, the colour combination is also very bright.

Thai Pongal is mainly observed to convey appreciation to the Sun God for a successful harvest. The traditional designs of Kolam depict a ritual which is observed on the second day of Pongal 2019. Ceremonial worship is performed. Rice is boiled in milk are kept in an earthen pot which is held outside and is symbolically offered to the Sun God.