Math - the subject of most jokes amongst grown-ups and a subject hated by students unanimously, this is a topic that mostly brings up very unanimous reactions. However, contrary to popular jokes and memes, mathematics actually plays a very important and central role in everything in our life. From helping people build homes to actually programming computers and creating algorithms, mathematics plays a key role in running the world smoothly. International Day of Mathematics aims to highlight just that. International Day of Mathematics 2022 will be celebrated on March 14. Also known as Pi Day, for its numeric representation of 3.14, this celebration is sure to be extra special. Here’s everything you need to know about the celebration of Pi Day 2022, the significance of International Day of Mathematics, and more.

When Is The International Day Of Mathematics 2022?

March 14 (3.14) was informally celebrated as Pi Day by math-lovers across the world. However, this day was officially marked as International Day of Mathematics in 2019 at UNESCO’s 40th General Conference. 

Celebration Of International Day Of Mathematics 

There are various ways that people enjoy the numerical marvel that is Pi Day or International Day of Mathematics. The first International Day of Mathematics was marked in March 2020. Every year, this celebration is filled with math aficionados coming together as a community, organizing math conferences, etc. The celebration of Pi Day also included people indulging in some delicious treats filled with various fun and peppy references to Pi.

The key goal of the celebration of International Day of Mathematics is to celebrate the hard work that mathematicians worldwide have put into making the world what it is. People also raise awareness about how to build a career in mathematics and more. Here’s wishing everyone a Happy International Day of Mathematics 2022.

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