International Firefighters’ Day 2021 Details: Be it a human-made disaster or a natural disaster, firefighters are the first to reach the spot of the accident. Every year, International Firefighters’ Day is observed annually to cherish the lives, achievements, and work of firefighters around the world. The day celebrates their efforts and the exemplary dedication they show at the time of disaster. They risk themselves and look at nothing only to save other’s lives. There’s a lot one can find out when it comes to the observance of International Firefighters’ Day 2021 – the significance, date.

What Is the Date of International Firefighters’ Day 2021?

Like every year, International Firefighters’ Day will be celebrated on May 4 this year. It will be the 22nd anniversary of International Firefighters’ Day this year. International Firefighters' Day HD Images and Quotes: WhatsApp Messages, Greetings and Wishes Appreciating the Hard Work of Firemen.

What Is the History of International Firefighters’ Day?

The first observance of International Firefighters’ Day took place in 1999. It commemorates the unfortunate incident that took place in Australia a year before. On December 2, 1998, a devastating incident took place in the Linton community, Victoria, where five firefighters lost their lives, who were on the way to douse a large bush fire.

The five members – Garry Vredeveldt, Chris Evans, Stuart Davidson, Jason Thomas, and Matthew Armstrong – were a part of a team who were assigned to extinguish the flames. However, when their truck headed closer to the hot zone, the wind switched its direction and gobbled the entire truck – and its members – into flames.

To pay tributes to the firefighters and the catastrophic event, JJ Edmondson (now founder of IFFD) announced, on January 4, 1999, to host an international holiday on May 4 every year. Since then, people around the world commemorate the efforts of all firefighters on this day.

What Is the Significance of International Firefighters’ Day?

One of the major celebrations of International Firefighters’ Day is the usage of blue-red ribbon, which is worn as a tribute to the firefighting community. The red colour symbolises fire, while the blue colour signals water elements.

Every time there is a natural disaster or a human-made disaster, the firefighters’ community is the first to reach out for either extinguishing fire, evacuation process, or helping people deal with the calamities. They are the first line of defence for the crisis created by people, organisations, or even nature.

It is brave of them to not think of their lives and rather jump in death’s claws to save other people’s lives. It would be fitting to honour their valour and sacrifice with a global event, such as International Firefighters’ Day, that acknowledges and cherishes the efforts they put in to save people from dying.

We at LatestLY wish you all a very Happy International Firefighters’ Day 2021. We thank enough to all the firefighters across the world who risk their lives to save others.

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