According to the Hindu calendar, Jivitputrika Vrat is observed every year on the Ashtami tithi of the Krishna Paksha of the month of Ashwin. It is also known as Jitiya Vrat. Mothers keep this fast for the attainment of children and for their long life. This fast lasts for the whole day. It is considered the most difficult of all fasts. Mothers keep Jitiya Vrat fast (nirjala) for the well being of their children. This year the festival starts from September 28 and will continue till September 30. Jivitputrika Vrat is observed by the devotees who wish to have children and their long life. According to religious belief, observing this fast removes all the troubles from their child's life. To celebrate the event you must be well-aware of the dos and don'ts.

Jivitputrika Vrat 2021 Dos and Don'ts

  • Jivitputrika Vrat or Jitiya Vrat lasts for three consecutive days. The first day is called (Nahaye Khaye) taking bath. On the second day, Jitiya Nirjala fast and on the third day this fast is broken as per proper rituals.
  • After a holy bath on the first day of the fast, a devoteeshould not eat anything after sunset.
  • On the day of taking bath, the relatives of the devotee should also follow some rules. Garlic and onion should not be added to the food nor should any kind of non-veg food should be eaten.
  • Hair should not be cut on the day of Nahaye Khaye (taking bath).
  • According to legends, one must not cut nails on this day.
  • On the first day of this fast i.e. on the day of Satami, food should be taken after taking bath.
  • Clean clothes should be worn after bath in the morning on the day of Ashtami.
  • One must offer water to the idol of the Sun God.
  • Aarti should be performed by using incense sticks, and clay lamp for the Sun God.
  • After the aarti, God should be offered bhog.
  • After the end of Ashtami Tithi, one should eat somethin only after offering Ardhya to the Sun God.

It is believed that the children of women who observe this fast live a long life. It is said that all the obstacles and difficulties that come in their life are removed by observing this fast. In some places, after the Nirjala fast, women collectively listen to the fasting story.

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