Makaravilakku is an annual festival held on Makar Sankranti in Kerala. It is among most important festivals of the state and is commemorated at Lord Aiyaapa temple at Sabarimala. Makaravilakku 2020 will be observed on January 15. Also known as Makar Jyothi, this celebration includes everything from the quaint and magnificent Thiruvabharanam (sacred ornaments of Ayyappan) procession to the auspicious appearance of a light or flame on Ponnambalamedu hill, located four km from the Sabarimala temple.

This festival commemorates the 41-day fast that men attending the holy shrine maintain before embarking on a journey to Sabarimala. Around half a million people visit this auspicious shrine while thousands of others watching the live coverage. As we approach Makaravilakku 2020, which will be celebrated on January 15, here is everything you need to know about this annual festival. Makar Sankranti 2020 Images & Wishes: WhatsApp Stickers, Sankranti Greetings, Quotes and Messages to Send to Your Loved Ones This Harvest Festival.

When is Makaravilakku 2020?


On Makaravilakku, an auspicious light or flame appears on Ponnambalamedu hill. Thousands of devotees come together to catch a glimpse of this event. This festival will occur on January 15, 2020, which will be celebrated as Makar Sankranti in some parts of the country. While the Sankranti Muhurat begins at 2.22 am, the Makar Jyothi sighting traditionally occurs during the sunset.

How is Makar Jyothi Celebrated?

While Makara Jyothi celebration differs from person to person, the most exquisite and dedicated celebration includes that of the ones who observe a 41-day stringent fast to prepare their expedition to Sabarimala Temple. Clad in black dhoti and shirt, they humbly collect money for their trip, abstain from physical relationships, addictions and a number of other things and embark on this life-altering trip to the hills. They reach the temple for Makar Jyothi and celebrate the traditionally evening aarti, which is followed by the Makarvillaki appearance.

Why is Makaravilakku Celebrated?

The Makar Jyothi that lights up Ponnambalamedu hill is believed to be Lord Aiyaapa’s birth star, Uttara Phalguni which appears for a few seconds every year during this time. This event coincides with the end of the winter solstice season, and the Sun’s entry into the Makara or Capricorn zodiac sign. According to folklore, Lord Aiyappa and Saturn had a feud on the negative impact that Saturn has on our lives. Lord Aiyappa declared that the devotees who follow the strict and challenging 41-day fast and set on a journey to Sabarimala can counter this negative impact, which continues to be the belief of devotees even today.

We hope that this Makaravilakku celebration fills your life with all the positivity and warmth possible and floods prosperity and wealth to your family and friends! Happy Makar Jyothi!

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