National Handshake Day is observed every year on the last Thursday of June. This year it will fall on June 30. National Handshake Day focuses on promoting the most common form of greeting people around us. A handshake is generally practised as an expression of peace or goodwill and is a common language that binds people together. Every handshake represents a different expression. As you celebrate National Handshake Day 2022, we at LatestLY, have curated 5 types of handshakes and their meanings that you must know on this day.  Different Types of Handshakes and What they Mean.

1. Two-Handed Handshake

Two-Handed Handshake (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Two-handed handshakes are very common among politicians and it is said to convey the meaning of warmness, friendliness, honesty and trustworthiness. Though it is a sincere handshake if the hand goes up your wrist then it means that the one initiating it wants something from you.

2. Finger Vice Handshake

Finger Vice (Photo Credits: Twitter)

This is generally believed to be done by the people who are insecure. In a finger vice, the person just grabs your fingers and not your entire hands. This means that they want to keep you at a distance.

3. Sweaty Palms Handshake

The sweaty Palms handshakes are generally done by nervous people. When a person is nervous, their nervous system generally becomes overactive resulting in sweaty palms.

4. Lobster Claw Handshake

This type of handshake is generally done by people who have difficulty opening up in a relationship. They fear connecting at a deep level and just touch the thumb and fingers to the palm of your hand.

5. The Pusher Handshake

While the person offers to shake their hand but extends their arm far so that you are not able to get close to her. In this type of handshake, the person needs their own space and won’t allow you to let in.

Though handshakes are a way of maintaining peaceful relationships, different kinds of handshakes can represent a person’s comfort level and how he feels about you. Celebrating National Handshake Day 2022, you must know how to read different handshakes.

Wishing everyone Happy National Handshake Day 2022!

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