New Delhi, April 2: Marking 'World Autism Awareness Day', Westland Books on Sunday announced the release of an upcoming memoir, "I Have Autism and I Like to Play Good Bad Tennis" by author Debashis Paul.

The book gives readers a peek into the world of Paul's son and grandson of celebrated Indian actor-director Utpal Dutt, Noel, who was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. It is scheduled to release on April 17. World Autism Awareness Day 2023 Date, History, Theme & Significance: What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder? Everything You Need To Know About The Day Dedicated To ASD.

Touted to be an essential read for anyone interested in the subject of neurodivergence and in the building of an inclusive society, the book shows life through the autism lens -- "some goofy moments, some heart-wrenching, as well as remarkably out-of-the- box methods of teaching and problem-solving".

Son of Paul and Bishnupriya Dutt, Noel was diagnosed with autism at a young age. Yet, his world was rich with music, sports, love and empathy. "This book is for everybody to understand autism . . . My Noel is a lovable and vastly interesting child who grew into a fine young man. This book is intended to serve as an inspiration to parents and readers of all ages and hues. My hope is that it offers real possibilities of positive change in the wider space of equity and inclusivity," said Paul in a statement.

In this poignant memoir pieced together by Paul, a family comes vividly alive as Noel's mother, sister and father navigate the experiences and challenges encountered when their loved one is neurologically different.

According to the publishers, the heart-touching memoir "explores the patience, understanding and indissoluble love that caregivers must find within themselves through it all". Autism: Greater Awareness in Society, but Acceptance Level Should Increase, Say Experts.

"A memory and a tribute, this is a book about the challenges and joys, small and big, of parenting a child with particular needs. It is a book that we hope will help parents and educators to find solace and practical guidance when they most need it," added Karthika VK, publisher, Westland Books.

The book is currently available for pre-order online.