How often have you thanked your loved ones or people around you for all their love and support? Why do you think experts advise everybody to count the blessings in life and be grateful for small things? Well, you may not know the power of gratitude and how it can impact the way you perceive the world and the people around you. Thanking someone and showing a bit of appreciation can make a prominent difference. It not only lightens ups the second person's spirit but promotes the idea of pro-social practice. In fact, September has a special day dedicated to showing love and gratitude to everybody around us. The occasion of World Gratitude Day 2022 falls on September 21, Wednesday. Let's learn more about the wonderful event that brings the entire globe together on a day of thankfulness. Thoughtful Sayings About Being Thankful to Share With Your Loved Ones.

World Gratitude Day History

The unique idea of celebrating Gratitude Day came from the director of the UN meditation group, Sri Chinmoy. At a Thanksgiving dinner in Hawaii attended by various high-ranking delegates and representatives from numerous countries, Sri Chinmoy put forth the concept of celebrating gratitude as a unifying holiday worldwide. Since then, on September 21, 1996, various nations observed Gratitude Day. For the record, the first Gratitude Day was marked at the headquarters of the UN Meditation Group in New York on the same date in 1977. Sri Chinmoy received praise during the occasion for coming up with the beautiful idea for an Appreciation Day.

World Gratitude Day Significance

World Gratitude Day is also referred to as Appreciation Day or the World Day of Gratitude. The significance of the event lies in its name itself. You see, a bit of appreciation can go a very long way. The primary aim of the occasion is to join different organizations, individuals and nations in sharing the feeling of being grateful in a number of distinct ways. Simply put, showing appreciation to your friends, family or office colleagues for their help or advice shows your generosity and mindfulness. The best and uncomplicated way to share happiness and motivate people to be thoughtful is by expressing gratitude. A random act of kindness can have a multitude of positive impacts on society.

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