Fitness Influencer Arnold Vosloo Has The Best Reply On How He Tackles With The Competition
Arnold Vosloo (Photo Credits: File Image)

There has been a healthy competition in every field now. Wherever you see, everyone is fighting to be the best in their respective fields. Arnold Vosloo has also been working his way out and is reaching at the top of his league in fitness and weightlifting. Having a larger than life personality, he weighs 250 lbs and is 6 feet 2 inches tall. At a very young age, he discovered his love for rugby. He played the game on a professional level after school when he was simultaneously pursuing a degree in logistics. With time, he realized that he wanted to do something different. With his body responding extremely well, he decided to make his career in weightlifting.

He is widely considered as one of the best physique athletes in the world. He grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa. Known as the ultimate male specimen in the fitness industry, he later decided to make his foray into a weightlifting show. His first show was the WBFF SA show in 2015 as a muscle model. His hard work paid off and he achieved his pro card in the second show as well thus later making a place for him among the top 10 names in Las Vegas. “I felt a sense of belongingness to the iron. Weightlifting and bodybuilding became my passion. I never thought I would come this far”, he stated. After doing several WBFF shows, he reached till the 2nd place in the European Championship after which he moved to the IFBB Pro League.

In such a competitive world, Arnold believes to concentrate completely on his goal. He had a very apt reply when asked about his competition. Vosloo said, “I am not here to compete with others. My only focus is me and I just compete with myself.” He has already ruled 2019 like a boss as he won 3 shows including the Amateur Olympia in Spain. His biggest dream is to be on the Olympia stage in Las Vegas. With his sincerity and dedication towards work, we hope that this fitness influencer makes his dream come true. Our best wishes are with Arnold Vosloo and we are really hoping that he will set a new benchmark in the fitness industry in the upcoming years.