The food industry is one that has always seen growth. Every now and then there is a new twist to the basic food item which changes its taste completely. 2021 witnessed so many unexpected food trends and in the coming year, we are expecting even more to come. With Covid 19 pandemic, people have started exploring new flavours and have adopted many healthy eating habits that make their immunity stronger. We at LatestLY, have curated a list of five food items that are expected to trend in the coming year. Viral Bizarre Food Combinations: From Maggi Milkshake to Strawbiryani, 11 Food-Combo From Hell That Went Viral in Recent Times.

Potato Milk

Representative Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

With a lot of people turning vegan, potato Milk seems to trend in the coming time. After trying, soy, coconut and almond milk, the vegan population would love to shift towards the taste of potato Milk.

Herbal Teas

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Because of the coronavirus, many people have started taking herbal teas not just to strengthen immunity but also to release stress and anxiety. Therefore, Chamomile tea, Kashmiri Kahwa, matcha tea etc are expected to witness a boom in 2022.

Plant-Based Meat

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As more and more people are trying to adopt veganism, plant-based Meat could witness a good demand in the market. Even if not vegan, but the easy availability of plant-based Meat would make it easier for many to give up on chicken.

Moringa Leaves

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Also known as the miracle leaf, moringa leaves are incredibly nutritious and have seven times more vitamin c than oranges and fifteen times more potassium than bananas. Due to its ability to fight malnutrition, it is expected to go high in the demand list in the coming years.


Representative Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Due to its anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties, turmeric has gained popularity in the last two years. Apart from being used in cooking, it is also loved by many in form of Turmeric Latte or Turmeric Milk.

From indoor farming to switching to plant-based Meat, 2022 is expected to see many new trends in the food industry and human beings are always ready to try whatever trends in the market. It’s time we welcome the new year with acceptance to whatever changes it brings along.

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