Amul is Making Camel Milk Chocolates, Know the Health Benefits & How is it Different From Cow Milk
Camel milk has lot of benefits (Photo credits: Pixabay, Bergadder and Unsplash, kimgorga)

Amul, which has been a pioneer in dairy products in the country is now planning to bring in camel milk chocolates in the industry. They launched these chocolate bars last year in Diwali but it was an experimental shot. And a year later, the project has been declared a success. So soon, the camel milk flavoured chocolates will reach a larger audience and also benefit the desert sheep herders. The company is planning to expand the production and produce the chocolates in a larger stock so that it would reach across the country.

Camel milk is more popularly an accepted product in the western culture. And with its acceptance in the pilot project, the hope is on the rise that it will reach a mass market. The tribe's who own the camels will be benefitted as it would be an alternative income for them. While it will still take some time for the project to take place and reach all over the country, it is important to understand the benefits of camel milk and what makes it different from our regular cow milk.

Difference between cow milk and camel milk:

Camel milk is said to be the closest to human mother's milk. It has been used as a supplement or replacement for breast milk in cases when a mother was unable to nurse or if the baby needs extra milk.

It is opaque white in colour and a sweet odour to it. But taste wise it can be a little salty.

In comparison with other kinds of milk, it hs low sugar content but a lot of minerals. Camel milk has a high amount of sodium, potassium, iron, copper, zinc and magnesium, and vitamin C.

Camel milk does not contain the same proteins like cow's milk. Gram wise it has the same amount of proteins but the impact in the blood sugar differs.

Camel's milk is also low on fat content. Camel milk can be frozen without changing its consistency. It has less cholesterol than cow's milk.

Overall, camel milk has more powerful nutrients and better chemical compounds.

Benefits of camel milk:

Camel milk has a lot of health benefits. It has gained quite some popularity in the beauty industry. Camel milk is very good for skin and hair care. But along with the beauty industry, it has quite a lot of nutritional and health benefits. Camel milk is said to have certain medicinal characteristics. It has been used as a medicinal drink in Middle Eastern, Asian and African countries.

Diabetes Treatment: Camel's milk has insulin, which is crucial in a human body and a cure for diabetes, those who have low sugar levels. Including camel milk in your diet can reduce the need for insulin injections. It can also prevent from developing the disease.

Autism cure: The unique compounds in camel milk are known to produce an effect on a person's neurological system. Studies have shown that autistic symptoms were reduced after consumption of camel milk on a daily basis.

Boost Immunity: With a high concentration of proteins and other compounds, camel milk has antimicrobial abilities. So it definitely good for health as it makes our immunity very strong.

Stimulating blood circulation: There is a lot of iron content in the camel milk which helps in the prevention of anaemia. As iron is crucial in red blood cells, it facilitates in the circulation of blood.

Most of us are used to cow's milk in our daily life, so a different taste is bound to feel a bit weird, but with chocolate bars made out of it, may be the difference won't be that prominent. What do you think, are you ready for camel milk based chocolates?