Quite ironically, one in four diabetic patients does not know that they have diabetes. Why are they unaware of their ailment? It is because the symptoms are so mild that they are easy to miss. You likely know about the more common signs of type diabetes such as fatigue, excessive thirst, frequent urination and tingling in the hands and feet. But there is a whole gamut of sneaky symptoms that make early detection of diabetes a significant challenge. Here are the most easy-to-miss symptoms of diabetes.

Blurry Vision

If you notice vision fluctuations in your vision, you could have diabetes. Changes in sugar levels can change your prescription. The higher the blood sugar level, the more myopic you are. High blood sugar can cause the fluid to leak into the lens of the eye, resulting in blurry vision.

Difficulty in Hearing

If you always need to pump up the volume to hear the TV, it could be diabetes. Difficulty in hearing may be related to high blood sugar levels that can potentially damage the blood vessels in the inner ear. Diabetes Can Make You More Vulnerable to COVID-19 Infections: Here's How to Keep Your Blood Sugar Levels in Healthy Range.

Dry skin

The weather may not be the cause of your dry skin, especially if you have been dealing with it for a long time. High blood sugar, along with nerve damage caused by diabetes, can make your skin extremely dry and itchy. Diabetes is Dynamite for Person with COVID-19, Says Ex-WHO Advisor Paul Zimmet.

Frequent Yeast Infections

Diabetes can throw things off in your lower body. Yeast eats sugar, so if your blood glucose levels are consistently elevated, it can lead to yeast overgrow. As a result, you may experience frequent yeast infections. Diabetes Early Warning Signs: From Weight Loss to UTI, 6 Symptoms That Are Usually Ignored.

Bad Breath

High glucose levels can cause issues that affect your teeth, tongue, jaw and gums. A bad taste in your mouth or bad breath could be indicative of high blood sugar levels.

Even if you do not experience any of these symptoms, an annual eye exam can be a robust preventive health measure as a part of your overall wellness.

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