Burnout is a state of constant exhaustion. It can be physical, emotional or mental, caused by excessive or prolonged stress. Work or job stress is one of the leading reasons for feeling burned out. The feeling is not just because of experiencing a bad day. It is an overwhelming feeling of being swamped with work and not being satisfied with it or taking on too much pressure. It reduces productivity, increases creative blocks and can have consequences for the body if not paid attention to in time. Exercise May Reduce Depression, Boost Effects of Therapy: Study

Burnout can be draining for a person to deal with. There is fear of not being enough, your productivity drains out, and at a point, your motivation goes away. Physical consequences of burnout like lowered immunity, frequent illnesses and loss of sleep and appetite can be jarring in the long run. Burnout can be dealt with by paying attention to it in due time and finding out measures of how you can beat the burnout before it gets too much to handle. Here are ways to beat burnout if you are going through it.

5 Ways To Beat Burnout 

1. Disconnect From Work

You might always feel like there is an emergency at work, or you will miss out on something if you don't keep checking in. Disconnecting is essential to keep personal and professional life separate. If you keep stressing about work all day, it may feel like you have never even left the office, and after 10-hour shifts, you are back in the same rotation. Disconnecting is vital to creating a balance, and after working hours are over, you can lead a life that is not all about the job.

2. Keep Taking Breaks

Working for nine or more hours without breaks can be very physically tiring, and after a point, your work will start suffering. You can become exhausted and tired. So, keep taking small breaks to walk or freshen up and keep the blood circulating in between work so that you feel fresh through the day.

3. Create a Work Schedule

Plan your day according to the work schedule and in order of priorities so that you can get a head start on the important stuff and eliminate the cause of last-minute stress

4. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

To avoid burnout, espeacilly the physical consequences of it, maintaining a good sleep schedule and eating healthy along with essential exercise or at least walking can help regulate your body and mind. These are also great ways to avoid burnout.

5. Reach Out For Help

 If you constantly feel hopeless or devoid of motivation or are frequently getting sick because of work, seek help from professionals who can prevent a severe breakdown, or if you feel stuck, reach out for advice.

Burnout, especially in jobs, can feel like the end of a career, but they are not. And burnout is different from stress. It slowly creeps in and becomes a part of your personal and work habits. So, it is essential to keep rejuvenating yourself and pay attention to symptoms.

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