How to Reduce Face Fat Naturally? Useful Tips to Get Rid of Chubby Cheeks
How to reduce face fat naturally? (Photo Credits: Flickr)

Who doesn't want to have a chiselled jawline? Most of us at some point in our life feel embarrassed because of the fat rounded face. Be it male or female; both would love to have their face free from fat. The bloated face also makes eyes look smaller and thereby damage the feature of the face. Let us explore some useful tips to reduce face fat naturally. How to Reduce Body Fat in 4 Mins; Beginner's Guide for Tabata Workout at Home

It is important to note that factors like weight gain, lifestyle and eating habit play a vital role in making your face look bloated. Fat accumulation on body parts like abdominal area, arms, back, chest, face, etc. are linked with the overall body fat. Therefore, it is necessary to concentrate on total body fat loss to get that sharp look.

Useful Tips to Get Rid of Chubby Cheeks

1. Do facial exercises

You can add facial exercise in your normal routine. It helps improve facial appearance and reduce ageing. Performing these type of activity twice in a day for eight weeks can help tone up the facial structure. Some of these exercises include cheekbone role, air-puffing exercise and head rotation exercise.

Here's Video of exercises to get rid of face fat

2. Start doing aerobic training

This type of training burns our body fat tremendously. It is necessary to incorporate some intense aerobic exercises like cycling, running, High-Intensity Interval Training(HIIT), etc. to get that desired jawline. Try to do 150-300 minutes of moderate cardio exercises to lose that flab from your body.

3. Drink More Water

If you stay hydrated, it aids in weight loss. Moreover, it keeps you full and thereby leads to less calorie consumption. Drinking water increases the metabolism of the body by 24%. Therefore, try to intake the maximum amount of water in a day, at least 3 litres every day.

4. Get adequate sleep

Irrespective of whether you exercise or not, it is necessary to get maximum sleep for good health. Your body reacts and grows when we sleep. Sleep is the best supplement which you can provide to your body for weight loss. Even our muscle tissue gets repaired when we sleep. Depriving your body with sleep, releases cortisol in your body, which is a stress hormone, harming the body with weight gain.

5. Adopting a healthier lifestyle

The way we lead our lifestyle reflects on our face. A sedentary lifestyle leads to weight gain and fat face. It is necessary to eat right, do light exercises, take less stress and avoid drinking alcohol for a long lasting happy life. People in metropolitan cities usually do not design a proper time table for them and dedicate no time for physical activity. A sad and unhealthy lifestyle increases fats in adult tremendously. Increase in body fat is in correlation with double chin fat face.

We can find numerous short exercises on the internet to reduce the face fat. However, the fact is that unless and until you eat a balanced diet, track your calorie intake and do some exercise, you won't be able to get that pleasant, attractive face.