Move Over the ‘Summer Penis’, With the Weather Getting Chillier Here Comes the ‘Winter Penis’
What is a winter penis?

Winters are here and so are all the fun things associated with it, like erm Christmas, hot soups, amazing bonfire parties, winter fashion, so on and so forth. However, there are little less fun things associated with winters too! No, we are not talking about your lazy attitude in winters but something more specific to the men- the 'winter penis.' If you know about the summer penis aka the Hot Weather Increasing your penis size, make way for the winter penis.

Climate does affect the size of the penis and just like the summer penis, winter penis is real and happens to the best of the men. The idea behind the term winter penis is that the penis tends to shrink during winters. The science behind the occurrence is that during winters a human body tends to retain the heat by shutting down the blood vessels on the surface and this happens in the pelvic area too. Due to the restricted blood flow, the penis shrinks and the testicles get smaller and may be drawn higher up into the scrotum. The process is completely natural and many men, especially the one living in the colder areas have experienced it thoroughly.

That is not it if you are thinking that the shrinkage is slight, you may be wrong. The penis length may decrease upto 40-50% and about 30-40% in girth. Also, it accompanies discomfort and sometimes pain along with it. Moreover, it is not like the real penis size becomes shorter during winters, a shrinkage may be seen and your penis may not appear to you the same way it did before mainly because it is absolutely temporary. Your penis will seem absolutely fine when you are warmed up a little.

Sometimes the winter penis may hinder your orgasm as it is difficult to have an erection in a colder surrounding and the shrinkage may make the man a little hesitant and conscious to orgasm properly.