Queefing or Vaginal Flatulence: Is Farting Through The Vagina Common In Women?
Queefing: Is Vaginal flatulence aka vaginal fart normal? (Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons)

Have you heard of vaginal farts or 'queefing'? If you are a woman, chances are that you must have even experienced it and not even realised. 'Queefing' or 'vaginal farts' are slang terms for something that is scientifically called, Vaginal flatulence. It is normal air emission or expulsion from the vagina that sometimes may make a noise like a fart. Usually, it is known to occur during exercising, forming a yoga pose or after/during sexual intercourse. While it may sound like a fart, usually like a balloon deflating but doesn't involve e a specific odour of any sorts. Queefing may seem embarrassing to many people usually when it happens to them in a public setting like a yoga class or a dance class but you must know that it is absolutely healthy and normal to queef.

Why do you queef or pass out vaginal farts?

Queefing mainly has to do with air trapped inside the vagina and can happen due to various reasons. While having a sexual intercourse, when the penis goes in and out of the vagina it pushes in some amount of air that comes out when you are relaxed. Same with exercise or striking a yoga pose. If any kind of positioning of your body causes air to be trapped in your vagina there are chances that the air will let out either that time or sometime later from your vagina making a fart sound.

Impact on health

Queefing is absolutely normal and in fact good for your and vagina. There is simply nothing to worry about it. If anything it, in fact, has a positive impact on your vagina. It helps your vagina breathe better and lets out excessive air. Unlike, anal farts the gas isn't the waste gas from your body but the air that has gone inside through your vagina itself. It relaxes your vagina as well.

However, queefing during sexual intercourse could be embarrassing for many women but there is no way you can control it. And more than anything else, Why control queefing something that is absolutely natural? Something as natural as the Vaginal Smell but some vaginal smells may indicate different health concerns, 5 Types of Feminine Odours And The Health Issues you might want to know of. They Indicate Try accepting it as any other sound a sexual intercourse makes, maybe?