Fall 2019 is here and it's time for all the beautiful and comforting things in the world. Falling leaves, Halloween and pumpkin pies: there is so fall has to offer! But undoubtedly one of the best things about fall is the classic pumpkin spice latte. A warm cup of the magical drink is all you need. But instead of spending big bucks for the famed Starbucks' PSL, try out your own version of PSL. This easy pumpkin spice recipe is perfect for those who are too broke for Starbucks. Here's how you can whip up a delicious batch of pumpkin spice and pumpkin spice latte at home.

For making the traditional pumpkin spice, you will need cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves and allspice powder. It is a perfect blend of all these spices that give you the classic pumpkin spice that can be used to flavour anything from pies to cakes. The spice has nothing to do with pumpkins, even though the name might trick you into thinking so. The spice mix is used to flavour the famous pumpkin spice latte. It has a warm and sharp taste of the spices coupled with a woody aroma. Pumpkin spice is also extremely healthy. Pumpkin Spice Health Benefits: Weight Loss to Heart Health, Why This Fall-Special Aromatic Mix Is So Good For You!

Pumpkin Spice Ingredients:

Cinnamon 18 parts
Nutmeg 4 parts
Ginger powder 4 parts
Cloves 3 parts
Allspice 3 parts

Here's How To Make Pumpkin Spice Latte At Home

The traditional recipe of pumpkin spice latte includes pumpkin puree, coffee, milk, vanilla and pumpkin spices. The popular drink is quick and easy to make without compromising the taste. You don't need an espresso machine for this recipe below.

How To Make Pumpkin Spice Latte At Home [Watch Video]:

If you do not like lattes, you can use the spice to flavour any kind of confectionary you like. Right from cookies to pies, the choice is yours, but do not miss out on this delicious and healthy spice this summer.

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