Why 'Whelming' Is the Obnoxious Dating Trend You Must Avoid Before Valentine's Day 2020! Tips to Find a Date Online Before February 14
Whelming Dating trend (Photo Credits: Pexels)

January 2020 is almost over and it is time for the lovers' season with Valentines Day approaching. And if you haven't found a date yet, you might want to avoid some of the worrying dating trends that are doing the rounds on the internet. So apparently, after all the terrible dating trends we have been through in 2019, we now have "whelming" trend that is catching up right before Valentine's day 2020. So as the name suggests the dating trend indicates "overwhelming". The dating trend is associated with online dating that people opt for via apps like Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, etc.

So, when your potential match keeps telling you about how many other matches they have and just how overwhelming it is for them to juggle between giving attention to so many people. Basically, their intention is to show you how "overwhelming" it is to be popular and attractive. The idea is to make the other person bad about themselves and also show them that they need to do extra to pursue them. Valentines Day 2020: Netizens Upcycle Christmas Trees to Create Beautiful Valentines Trees! Instagram LIT with Breathtaking Pics.

While it is considered a narcissistic trait, it is toxic and you might want to stay away from this. Especially with Valentine's Day 2020 coming up and if you are looking for a date to go out with on February 14, the last thing you want is to be on someone's list. If a person is trying to "whelm" you, they will go to different extents. It may start with a "Hey, sorry for replying late, I keep getting so many texts" and you won't even know. But if you are looking for so real tips to land a date on Valentine's day, here are some tips:

Usually, the victims of this dating trend, end up feeling low about themselves because they don't have so many people chasing them. They feel that maybe they are not worthy enough and end up giving for attention to the person pulling these tricks, whose end goal is to receive as much attention as they can get.