As if, "jade eggs" were not enough, something called "vaginal detox pearls" existed in the market that has finally been scraped out by Canada's public health department. The "vaginal health product" has been banned in Canada. It is being said that the toxic herbal pearls that sold itself as "self-love inspired womb care for every woman," has been banned after a CBC Marketplace investigation. Formally known as the Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls Health Canada because of the claims they made about being able to help users heal from "sexual trauma" and various other "health benefits". This comes amidst the entire universe screaming on the top of its lungs to not insert ANYTHING into the vagina. With health experts reminding people time and again that the vagina is a self-detoxifying organ and Twitter-famous gynaecologist, Dr Gunter(OB/GYN) busting all vagina-related myths online, it is really angering that people still come up with products like this. From Garlic to Herb ‘Sticks!’ Things You Should Never Put into Your Vagina. 

Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls claims that it has helped thousands of women "detox their exes energy out of their womb and vagina". It also claims to soothe menstrual cramps and clear bad odour down there. These small, herb-filled balls are practically inserted into the vaginal cavity through the use of a plastic applicator to get the results.

Once again for all those who still do not know, your vagina doesn't need any kind of detox and it has the ability to cleanse itself and maintain its own pH balance. There is no need of any kind of products required for your vagina, especially the ones that have artificial fragrance or claim to "clean" your vagina.

This is not the first time such stupid vaginal "healing products" have surfaced. Earlier this year, 'Jamu sticks' claimed to ‘clean’ and tighten the vagina and also increase sexual pleasure. A lot of the description was also sexist as it read how taking care of a husband is a significant life challenge for Indonesian women. And just before that, a product very similar to the "detox pearls" caused its owners, a lifestyle website, Goop face a lawsuit for making health claims about jade eggs that inserting these eggs could improve vaginal health. That isn't it. Just recently, an alternative to reusable pads had women insertings sea sponges into their vagina thinking of it to be "reusable", "nurturing" alternatives to tampons. There were companies cashing on this new "trend" of using sea sponges as tampons.

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