Chennai's Marina Beach Covered in Toxic Foams, Famous Tourist Spot Gets Polluted Due to Sewage Water (View Pics and Videos)
Marina beach covered in foam (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Chennai's Marina beach is one of the most popular spots, be it for tourist or locals. But however, everyone is advised to stay away from visiting the beach for a while as it has been covered in toxic foam due to sewage waste. Over the weekend, the sea was frothing up with every wave along with a very pungent smell in the area. This is the second time the same phenomenon has been observed in one month. The authorities said that heavy rain on the Adyar basin increased the flow of the river and an influx of untreated sewage entered into the sea. Pictures and videos of the seashore covered in the toxic foam quickly made their way on social media. Chhath Puja 2019 Photo of Women Offering Prayers Amid Toxic Foams in the ‘Polluted’ Yamuna River in Delhi Goes Viral; Netizens Express Anger on Twitter.

On Friday, November 29, the entire stretch of about seven kilometres from Foreshore Estate to Tiruvanmiyur was covered by a thick froth. Residents living around the beach and those who visited the beach also felt sick after a while. Prolonged exposure to this foam can also result in skin problems. One of the fishermen living near the shores blamed the factories and hospitals nearby which directly let the wastes into the sea. Picture of Girls Clicking a Selfie Standing in Toxic Foam of Yamuna River During Chhath Puja Goes Viral, Netizens Mock The Situation With Sarcastic Tweets.

Check Pics of Marina Beach Covered in Toxic Foam:

Watch Video of Toxic Foams at Marina Beach:

The condition is really shocking and the authorities should warn everyone to stay away from the beach area for a while. The untreated sewage that has entered the sea contains high phosphates. The churning effect from the gushing water into the sea from an estuary creates a churning effect which causes frothing.

As reported in NIE, Pravakar Mishra of National Center for coastal Research (NCCR) has expressed concern over the frequency of frothing at the beach. He was quoted, "We are planning to deploy a buoy to monitor and forecast seawater quality, off Marina beach." This buoy will measure the basic water quality based on different parameters. He added that depleting oxygen levels in the water will kill marine organisms. A few days ago, similar frothing was seen at Yamuna river in Delhi, which was also a cause of sewage water entering the water source.