A couple of weeks back, one name was all over the internet. Yes, we are talking about Binod. A dig on the comments section by YouTube creators Slayy Point, had everyone talking and comments Binod all over social media. Now, there's another name trending, it is Aayushi. Is she related to Binod? No. Last night, many users made funny memes and jokes on #AayushiBewafaHai. The trend started when a user exposed a fake account of a girl named Aayushi on Twitter. Apparently a guy named Priyank was running a fake account by the name Aayushi. Soon after the memes began trending, both the accounts have been deactivated on Twitter. Meanwhile, netizens are enjoying making memes, wondering if Binod's popularity will be threatened now. Binod Meme Origin Explained: These 11 Binod Memes on Twitter Will Crack You Up After YouTuber Slayy Point Video Takes Dig at Comments Section!

Twitter user @SanskariiGirl shared a couple of screenshots of two Twitter accounts by the name Aayushi and Priyank. Apparently both of them were being run by the guy. She posted about their email ids and that the locations were also the same. After that, she starting posting #AayushiBewafaHai. It caught on people wondered who is Aayushi, while others chanced upon making memes and jokes on the internet's latest favourite Binod. So funny memes on both Binod and Aayushi were up on Twitter last night.

Check Some Memes and Jokes on #AayushiBewafaHai:

First Reactions

Binod After Seeing The Memes

Binod is That You?

Girls Named Aayushi Be Like...

Binod to Aayushi RN

Remember Sonam Gupta?

So Aayushi has nothing to do with Binod but fans of him were worried for a moment there. But the buzz for former seems to have died down. Binod was everywhere, from brands stepping in to DJ Snake commenting the name on Asim Riaz's picture. Now that the Twitter accounts behind these fake accounts have been deactivated, the case is rested with the meme makers.

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