Ahmedabad Woman Smears Cow Dung on Car to Keep It Cool in the Summer Heat (View Pic)
Car plastered with cow dung (Photo Credits: Facebook)

The summers this year have been extreme. The temperatures have been rising and while some areas in the country are already experiencing showers, the others only continue to get hotter day by day. To keep the car cool in the summer heat, a woman from Ahmedabad found an innovative solution. A woman named Sejal Shah smeared her car with cow dung in an attempt  to keep it cool! Pictures of a white sedan car covered in cow dung surfaced online and are being shared widely on WhatsApp and Facebook. Although we are not quiet sure if the solution works! Cow Dung to Clothes: Here's How a Dutch Designer's Unique Idea Helps the Environment in the Netherlands.

In the summers, commuting anywhere feels a task in itself. Even if you are taking a car, parking for a little while in the sun, can get the car all hot from the inside, making it difficult to even sit again. So Mrs Shah seems to have come up with a rather different solution. The entire white sedan, from its top, doors to the bonnet has been covered in cow dung, except for its windows and front glass. Pictures of the car were first shared on Facebook.

View Pics of Car Covered Entirely in Cow Dung to Beat The Heat:

In the rural areas, most of the houses are made up of mud and dung. They help to keep the temperatures cool. A woman decided to use it for her car. Not sure, if it works. Meanwhile, a few days back, a rickshaw driver from Kolkata made it to the news when he transformed his vehicle into a mobile garden. He put up a grass spread and planted small flowering shrubs atop the roof of the rickshaw. Since he also regularly watered his plants, it did help to keep the temperatures cool. His commuters were too happy with the idea. So people seem to be coming up with different techniques to beat the heat this summer.