Amazon US Creates Empty Packages With Fake Labels to Prevent Employee Theft
Representational Image (photo credits: PTI)

Employee theft is a major tension in any businesses. Be it a big firm or a small one, preventing stealing in the workplace is a top priority. Understanding employee theft requires the company owners to look at the type of items thieves can go after living up a significant impact on industries. In a bid to curb such activities, Amazon U.S. reportedly uses a unique approach. To ensure that the drivers don’t steal, the giant internet retail enterprise puts packages, which are often empty with fake labels on the back of trucks. 'Amazon Driver' Steals Pup While Delivering Dog Food, Retrieved After Amazon Employees Help. 

According to a former Amazon logistics manager who spoke on the condition to remain anonymous was quoted in a Business Insider report, “We might pull something out of our pocket and put it in there,” to give the dummy packages some weight. The person further stated that the instructions for the practice came from Amazon’s corporate offices in Seattle. During the process, when the driver will scan the fake package for delivery, the scanner will show up an error. The confused driver might call a supervisor to check or keep the box back on the truck to return to the warehouse.

On the way back, according to Amazon, the drivers might choose to steal it, as the company’s system would not recognise the package, it would not register as missing if undelivered. “It's meant to be a trap... to check the integrity of the driver,” added the former manager. In response to this revelation, Amazon said, “Checks and audits are part of overall quality programs and are administered at random.” Dummy packages are one way that Amazon is trying to control theft, which reportedly has become a giant problem for the company. Amazon India Sacks 60 Employees, More Layoffs Likely to Follow. 

It cannot be overlooked that Amazon does not have the best reputation for treating its staff well. There have been accusations of strict packaging targets for warehouse employees, with workers claiming that they have to pee in bottles or like recently, the company’s employees are allegedly taking bribes for insider date and deletion of product reviews which are negative. However, the length to which the company goes to try and stop employee theft is quite creative.