An Old Video of Zazoo Condom Ad is Going Viral, Here Are Some Other Funny Condom Ads That Creatively Conveyed the Message of Using Contraceptives
Creative Condom Commercials (Photo Credits: Video grab)

Condoms are an invention which a lot of people will be thankful for. Eliminating the risk of pregnancy and STDs, the rubber barrier method works as excellent contraception. And while many people may not enjoy a condom while having sex, companies who manufacture condoms have made brilliant, creative campaigns to market the product and make it more appealing.  And coming to condom advertisements, let us take a look at some of the funniest ads ever made. Competition to Durex? You Will Never Guess What This Erotic Video Ad is About, Watch it Till You Reach Climax!

Most condom ads today, show a game of seduction among the characters. There is a backdrop of them having sex, a little use of erotica, be it through the models or the soundtrack. But back then, condom ads conveyed the message even without resorting to explicit means. They used other ways to drive the point and it worked. While a lot of condom ads today are under fire for their content




and also limited by time slots, we look back at the old condom ads which were really funny and weren't tabooed. Manforce Condoms' Video Ad Urges Youngsters to Have Safe Sex, Not to Film Intimate Moments & #ShutThePhoneUp.

A video of an old condom ad was shared online on Twitter and while it is old, a lot of people on the internet can resonate. The video is of Zazoo condoms and while it is more than a decade old, it has crossed over a million views in a few days. The video is sure funny and drives the point of using condoms a little too well. It has also got some hilarious reactions on Twitter.

Check the viral video of Zazoo Condom Ads:

Isn't it funny? One really gets annoyed with the kid here.

Kohinoor Extra Time Condom Ad: 

The ad gets the point across without showing any raunchy scenes on screen. All it has is an old haveli and some sounds. With the subtle message - "Kohinoor Xtra Time Condoms - Is Raat Ki subah hi nahi."

Kabbadi and Condom PSA:

This was a brilliant way of public service advertising, which tried to eliminate the taboo around uttering the word "condom." The makers also used a perfect sport of Kabbadi, which requires the players to utter the word Kabbaddi over and over again.

Durex Flight Attendant Condom Tutorial:

This Durex condom ad was banned but it was actually a creative one. The ad showed an air hostess showing the people how to wear a condom. And people on each seat were given a Durex condom. The discomfort on the people's faces is very much visible but at the end of it, she says it is by Durex. They all laugh, but it was a helpful ad showing how to wear a condom.

OK Condom Ad:

The ad showed that it is absolutely okay to have/use a condom. Instead of getting caught or scandalised by, his family member calls it totally OK to carry a condom. It very smartly promoted the brand name OK too.

These are some of the old condom ads, which drove home the point of using the contraceptive too well. It did not have to be too explicit and that's where the creativity flows in. These are sure some of the funny and best ads of condoms.