Competition to Durex? You Will Never Guess What This Erotic Video Ad is About, Watch it Till You Reach Climax!
Surex ad (Photo credits: YouTube grab)

Durex condoms have created their space online with their advertisements. They have been witty with their ad campaigns especially for the social media space and they have always worked with the target audience. A video of another advertisement which kind of mocks the Durex ads was shared on the internet. But the way the ad has been made, you'd not even guess what it is about, until the climax of course (pun intended).

Called Surex socks, the ad is about socks but shows a situation of sex. It is a parody of the Durex condom ads, along with a dig at the decision of not showing condom ads during the regular day time slot. Calling it a creativity to future of advertisement, the ad of Surex socks is funny. Durex Takes a Cheeky Jibe at Indian Rupee Breaching 69 Mark Against Dollar! Alludes to Sex Position. 

Take a look at the video of the erotic ad for Surex Socks:

Well, did you even remotely guess that the end product advertisement would be for socks? (had we not told you, that is). Not to miss even the flavours of socks! This video got some even funny reactions on Twitter, most of them laughing out, which others wanting to buy these 'socks.' Durex Singapore Recalls Its Ultra-Thin 'Real Feel' Condoms Due To Quality Concerns. 

Take a look at some of the Twitter reactions on this ad:

A good pun game, there.

Buyers are ready!

And then the shock of seeing socks

Condom advertisements do have the tendency to get shared because of their content and the way they are made, and Surex parody sure got it right. But the twist sure socks! Oops sucks, we mean! See what I did there? What do you think about this ad, liked it? Do let us know your views.