Brave Girl Saves Her Brother From Getting Strangled Inside Lift, Heart-Stopping Video From Istanbul Goes Viral
Brave Girl Saves Her Brother (Photo Credits: Video Screengrab/ @IHarjeetR/ Twitter)

A heart-stopping moment has been captured in a surveillance camera inside a lift. The video reportedly from Istanbul shows a young girl who saved her brother from getting strangled in the elevator. The little one’s presence of mind is going viral on Twitter, and people are praising her quick effort. The clip has got thousands of views online, with comments flooding in for the young girl. However, some questioned the kids’ parents who were nowhere to be seen while the unfortunate incident happened. Best Brother Ever! This Video of A Brother Encouraging His Sister to Play Basketball is so Heartening. 

The viral video begins with three kids; two girls and one boy entering into a lift. After the doors closed, a rope inside the elevator was trapped. The boy twisted himself around the rope. As the lift went up, he was pulled into the air, causing suffocation. The elder girl was patient enough, pressed the alarm button, while trying to unsettle the rope. The other one was shockingly watching the dangerous situation. Soon, the boy was able to unravel himself from the string.

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Twitterati in Praise

Some Even Questioned Their Parents

The video has gained thousands of views and reactions online. It was a miserable situation, and the girl was indeed fearless and smart to save her brother. Not much information was immediately available. However, local reports stated that the child is fine and is recovering after the incident.