India is currently under lockdown, in a hope to flatten the curve. The pandemic has gripped nations across the world, causing fear and tension among citizens. People are abiding by the lockdown protocols, accepting the ‘new normal’ life of staying at home. It is not easy to cope up with the growing concern. All we need is a little boost. Best? May be from the doctors, themselves! Yes, a video has emerged on social media that shows medical professionals from around the country, happily dancing to Pharrell Williams hit song, ‘Happy.’ Seeing them all happy and cheerful, we guarantee you will feel all positive. If your Sunday, so far has been too gloomy, here is the viral video, cheering up netizens on social media. Musicians Performing on Crane in Lebanon to Doctors Dancing in Iran; 5 Videos Showing How People Tried to Boost Morale of Coronavirus Patients. 

In the past too, many videos of doctors and medical professionals surfaced on the internet, to cheer up, everyone at home, so that they continue their job. The medical professionals at the frontline are risking their lives, every day, as they treat the COVID-19 patients. It is hard to imagine what they must be going through at this time. Keeping a safe distance from family, and reporting to work, every day battling the pandemic, words will fall short of describing our gratitude. Iranian Doctors And Nurses Dance in Hospitals to Keep Up The Spirits During Coronavirus Outbreak. 

As they continue their job, they paused to cheer all of us, dancing to the tune of Happy! From Agra to Kochi to Kolkata, the medical professionals across India, are gleeful, shaking their legs, giving us all the hope we need. Indian News anchor and Twitter user, Rajdeep Sardesai shared the video, which instantly went viral.

Watch the Viral Video:

Are you still in the blues? Videos like this, help us to keep up the spirit amid the global crisis. This is the inspiration we all need at this time, because we are all in this together. So, stay home, stay safe and be happy, as this too shall pass.

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