Dog Wears Helmet While Riding Pillion on a Bike in Tamil Nadu, Viral Video Gets Mixed Reactions From Netizens
Dog wears helmet (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The internet has so many amusing animal videos and pictures coming up every day. Now a video of a dog riding pillion with its owner and wearing a helmet is going viral. In the video, a dog is seen sitting on the back seat of a bike like a regular human and is wearing a helmet. The video is apparently from Tamil Nadu. This video is going viral, however, people are not as impressed, as it still puts a lot of risk for the dog to take a ride on the bike in this manner. So while some have loved the video, others were concerned about the safety of the dog, irrespective of him wearing a helmet. Viral Video Shows Man Carrying Family of 7 People, 2 Dogs and 2 Hens on His Bike! Twitter is Cheering This Jugaad.

The video was shared on Twitter by a user named Pramod Madhav. Within a day, this video has got over 50,000 views. It shows a dog comfortably riding pillion, with two of his paws on the owner's shoulder. While the owner has also worn a helmet, his pet has donned one too. It is amusing to see them ride together, but it still puts the dog at risk as there is no real support for him. Netizens expressed the same concern. The biker has kept a basket in the front, which he has to balance as he rides. Dog is a Man’s Best Friend: Video of a Loyal Dog Protecting His Drunk Owner Will Melt Your Hearts.

Watch Viral Video of Dog Wearing Helmet on Pillion Ride:

A Dog Shouldn't Ride Like This...

So Lovely?

This is a Gimmick!

Or Some Mockery

Life is Endangered

Not The Correct Way to Travel

So not many were as impressed with the dog's way of riding as a pillion so comfortably.