‘Energy You’re Taking Into 2019’ Is Probably the Last and the Most Hilarious Meme Trend of 2018 That Is Taking Twitter by Storm
‘Energy You’re Taking Into 2019’ memes on Twitter. (Photo credit: Twitter/mat whitehead)

Memes have become an essential part of our lives, and it's not even a joke. Especially for the millennials, checking out memes has become an irreplaceable pass time or a hobby or maybe something you consistently do without thinking twice. Although, it may glue you to the phone like forever, for people who like minimal human interaction memes can be of great help. Talking about the memes that became popular this year -that we will say goodbye to at midnight, 2018 has been very eventful in terms of memes. While we are still wondering how soon 2018 flew, when we look back at the year as a meme lover we cannot help but ROFL. Especially the desi memes really ruled the internet this year. However, the year ends with another super-hilarious meme trend called the "energy you're taking into 2019," and the phrase describes itself quite well. Best Memes of 2018: Tide Pod, Moth & Fortnite, All The Funny Memes That Cracked Us Up This Year.

The "energy you're taking into 2019" memes describe the energy you plan to take to 2019 in the funniest way. Take a look at some of "energy you're taking into 2019" memes that will make you laugh your lungs out.

Me too but as poor and ugly.

I just can't.

Just do it, girl!




Procrastination much?

OMG yaaa

What's the energy you're taking into 2019? Let us know in the comments section below and with that, here's to a meme-filled, super hilarious 2019.