Mumbai, November 13: As social media is becoming popular, fake news are also spreading like wildfire. In recent times, miscreants are spreading false information regarding COVID-19 vaccination, creating panic among the masses. Anti-vaxxers are propagating their agenda through various platforms of social media. These people are advocating various theories of removing the COVID-19 vaccine from the body of a vaccinated person, such as using wet cupping process to extract blood and bathing with Epsom salt and Borax. However, these theories are misleading as the COVID-19 vaccine cannot be removed from the body once injected. COVID-19 Vaccinated People With Prior Infection May Have More Antibodies: Study.

Videos have surfaced on social media showing the COVID-19 vaccine can be removed using cupping therapy, reported Associated Press. Notably, there is no way to remove a vaccine from the body. The viral videos show blood from a superficial layer of the skin. However, the COVID-19 vaccine is injected deeper into a muscle. In these videos, anti-vaxxers are misguiding people that the vaccine can be extracted within 30 minutes of the jab, using cupping therapy. As part of this therapy, cups are used to create suction on skin. How Many Lives Have COVID-19 Vaccines Saved? We Used State Data on Deaths and Vaccination Rates to Find Out.

In another conspiracy theory, some anti-vaxxers are claiming that the effect of the COVID-19 vaccine can be undone by taking “detox” bath in Borax. Miscreants are advocating that rubbing the body with Borax. Notably, Borax is a cleansing agent which can kill cockroaches. As per a news report by NBC, in one of the viral video, anti-vaxx misinformation hawker Dr. Carrie Madej claimed that her “detox bath” extracts radiation poisoning, pesticides, heavy metals, and “some” parasites. The video was removed from TikTok. No Risk of Pregnancy Loss from COVID-19 Vaccination: Study.

Here Is The Video Of Carrie Madej Advising people To Take Bath with Borax:

Here Is The Truth:

Both these conspiracy theories are incorrect. Once injected, the COVID-19 vaccine cannot be extracted from the body. People are advised not to believe in such fake news and should visit official websites for authentic information.

Fact check

Fact Check: COVID-19 Vaccines Can’t be Removed After Injection by Drawing out Blood With 'Wet Cupping' Process or 'Detox' Bath With Epsom Salt and Borax
Claim :

COVID-19 vaccine can be removed from the body by drawing out blood using cupping therapy or by taking \'detox bath\' with Borax and Epsom salt.

Conclusion :

Once injected, COVID-19 vaccine cannot be removed from the body

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