February Going Too Fast? Netizens Feel The Month is Rushing A Lil Too Soon After 'Long January' (Check Tweets)
February going fast (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Are you feeling that the month of February is rushing up too fast? In precisely nine days, the second month of the year 2020 will be over! A lot of people on the internet are expressing that the month of February is going too fast. Especially with the first month, January which felt dragged on like forever, the second month seems to be passing along too quickly for many. Netizens have tweeted and said that the month of February is going too fast and it probably needs to slow down. Are you too feeling the same? Then you are not alone. January 2020 Longer Than Usual? Twitterati Share How The First Month of The Decade is Painfully Long!

The year 2020 did not really begin on a very positive note since a lot of negative news was reported from around the world. From World War III rumours to the outbreak of deadly Coronavirus, which has by now claimed over 2,000 lives, a lot of tragic news made headlines. This was one of the main reasons, everyone just wanted to get done with January, but it seemed like a never-ending month. As opposed to February, which is 20 days in and barely another week to go, as we slide into March. Netizens took to Twitter to express that February is going too fast.

Check Some Tweets on February Going Fast:

Yes Yes!

January Took Forever

Super Fast Feb!

February is at Double Speed

February, Can You Please Chill?

Can't Keep Up With The Month

So a lot of people cannot keep up with the pace of this month. February is the shortest month of the year, but this year being a leap year, we have 29 days. The extra one day doesn't make much of a change in the speed at which the days seem to be going right now. Are you too feeling a rushed up February? Well, let us hope March is a little better then.