Funny Video of Monkey Washing Clothes in 'Desi' Style Goes Viral, Netizens Impressed
Monkey washing clothes (Photo Credits: Video grab)

We have evolved from the apes and it is no wonder that most monkeys and humans share some behavioural traits. The way most primates sit, eat and take care of their children is quite similar to humans. But monkeys too, over time, have learnt so well from the humans around. A video of a monkey washing clothes like Indians do has been circulating online. IFS officer Susanta Nand shared a video of a monkey cleaning a piece of cloth. It dips it in water kept in a vessel nearby and washes it. Twitter is amused with the monkey adapting to the "desi" style of washing clothes and the video is going viral. Monkey Attends Funeral and Consoles a Crying Woman in Karnataka (Watch Viral Video).

It is unclear where the video was taken and when. But it is nice to see how the monkey has seemingly learnt how to dip the cloth in water, rub it and hit it against a surface to wash it from humans. It is exactly how Indians wash our clothes without a washing machine. The caption of the video calls it contagious behaviour and the internet cannot agree more. People are widely sharing the video and it is going viral.

Watch Video of Monkey Washing Clothes:

People are loving the exact imitation of the traditional style of washing clothes, the way humans do. Check some of the reactions of netizens. Monkey Photobombs Family's Vacation Picture in Bali And Gives Them a Middle Finger (Watch Hilarious Video).

Learning the right way


So awesome!

One user even joked if he could hire a monkey to wash his clothes. Well, the monkey has really learnt well. A few days ago, another video of a monkey went viral in which it was seen closing a tap after drinking water from a tap. The monkey gave us all a lesson in water conservation by drinking water from the tap and then responsibly closing it to prevent wastage. And it is indeed a lesson for all of us. These recent videos are a great example of monkeys being great learners.